Varsity Girls Volleyball 2023-2024 Season First Half

The Girls volleyball team has been hard at work this year and began the year excited to the first full year since 2019. Season 1 being one of the shorter seasons, Athletes quickly had to shift from summer to game mode quickly and the program was excited to see 45+ student athletes show up to tryout for a spot on either the Varsity JV or JV2 team. 

The WAB Athletics Program has always strived and focussed on Student-athlete development, so getting through 45 Students and placing them in a team where they would best develop can be challenging. All coaches worked and helped place students and are confident that all three teams have great players at their levels. 

The Varsity girls were tested early with a jump start tournament at home The Beijing Challenge, and after winning all their round robin games were tested with endurance being a large factor in a loss in the finals. The team however performed well over all and coaches were proud of all our athletes. 

The Team quickly turned their attention to to Tricities tournament hosted in Guangzhou. The Volleyball Program hasn't had a chance to play Tricities since 2019 due to the covid pandemic and were excited to take a bite of out of the competition! After a flight cancellation and quick organization,  the team arrived at American International School Guangzhou and had to play two back to back games! The team Showed up rocking! and Took the two games 3-0. on the second day we had the host team in the morning and would eventually meet them again in the finals. The team showed great communication and team work, and won the finals becoming the 2023/2024 Tricities Champions! 

The team will have to continue to work hard but look forward to challenge together!. 

One Team! 

Go Tigers!