U14 Girls Volleyball 2023

Aiy OH, Hao Qiao! Aiy Oh, LETS GO!


An interesting start to our season that stopped and started and then started again. Our Grade 8 girls volleyball team had a lot of fresh faces and students that were relatively new to the sport! Volleyball is so challenging at the beginning, but our brave tigers took on the challenge! The team started with 28 girls but settled to a dedicated 22 students!


We set out with good goals and good focus for everyone. But before we could really get going Covid closures saw us take a long break. Instead of wine about it we had a steady gang of students listen in on online sessions and take part in discussions about volleyball. This alone helps students learn about our sport and continuously get better even through lockdowns.


Once we were able to get back, we had one session before being tested in our first games! The team posted a positive win loss record, which saw everyone get on the court and just having fun in the experience of competition.


The leadership team ensured a fun sense of spirit and teamwork, which was our main goal for the season. For the coaches it was fun to see the players challenge themselves playing difficult skills and giving big spikes when they could! For the coaches seeing them play good quality volleyball considering the duration of the season was going to be challenging so to see the students often perform great plays was super amazing!


For ISAC our team decided to split into Team Tiger Eyes and Team Tiger Stripes, which provided more opportunity and play time for each. Team stripes played well and worked hard for each other. They played well as a team and achieved our main goal of having great team spirit. All the players from stripes improved so much this year and were recognized with the Spirit of Sport award at ISAC.


Team Tiger Eyes competed in the Division 1 Category. They played really well throughout the tournament putting together good service and service receive! They won 2 out of three of the round robin matches and played a nervous final game against ISB. Through ever lost point and every point gained the team were always there supporting each. They too were awarded the Spirit of sport award as well as 2nd place in the tournament! This is a great achievement for our Grade 8 girls volleyball program!


Congratulations to all of our players!


Alina, Amy, Anna, Anya, Audrey, Chloe, Claire, Chuqi, Ella, Kelsey, Josaphine, Keri, Kyleigh, Luzia, Marie-Fleur, Minji, Nola, Rachel and Sandra


Thank you for your dedication and hard work!