Tigers Jump out of the Woods!

PGA Junior Series Golf Tournament


On April 22nd The WAB Tiger Golf Team fielded a full team at the 2023 PGA Junior Series Tournament hosted at Oriental Pearl Country Club. Unlike almost every team at WAB the Golf team has not played as a team since the 2018-2019 season. That year’s team included Cecilia, who was a grade 8 looking up to mentors like Irene L. The start of each year Cecilia remained optimistic to play with the team however because of the nature of golf and it being played off campus pandemic rules restricted us from playing as a team.


The advantage of golf however allowed our players to play and train on their own, and our team got a taste of competition in March at ACAMIS, however we were missing half our team due to schedule conflicts and exams. The team placed mid field and most importantly came together as a team.


The PGA Tournament on April 22nd the Tigers got organized and fielded a full team with Captain in hand, and while the players still had little experience in team golf the Tigers showed great spirit and support for each other. The teammates were excited to warm up and see each other, some for the first time, prepare for this tournament.


The Tigers jumped out of the woods! Taking a strong lead from the start! Our younger half of the team fielded good scores and played middle of the competition. They cheered on and supported our more experience half of the team who collected some amazing scores. The youngest of that group Victoria placed third in the top female category shooting 1 over par coming third place. Our Team Captain and senior came 2nd over all in the top division shooting even par, an impressive feat considering the high demanding schedule of a senior. Our assistant captain Amanda Z shot an impressive 4 over par coming 5th overall in the top female category. Jeff Su Shot a great score of 7 over par winning the Boys B category in an amazing extra hole playoff. Jarvis who competed in the top boys category place 5th place. The WAB Tigers won the event by an incredible 33 stokes to the next team! However most importantly the coaches witness great team work and celebration, which for this team has been not been available in the last 3.5 years!


Congratulations to all 9 members who competed in this tournament, which included players from ES, MS and HS!


Cecelia J, Amanda Z, Jarvis X, Jaxson F, Victoria L, Jeff S, Jerry X, Jimmy L, Joshua Y


Members Absent from this tournament

Stella D, Sienna D, Wendy Z


Congratulations to these athletes who remained training and attaining their individual achievements throughout the covid years, including personal best scores, China golf professional playing cards as well as playing in a Asia woman’s tournament!


One Team! Go Tigers, Out of the Woods!


Coaches: Margaret S, Terry Z, Rob C, Caleb L