Tigers out of the Woods!

WAB's Golf team has not been active in the past 3.5 years due to the pandemic and limitations of facilities for golf to operate. This past August the team was able to finally get together and start to practice together, but again we saw a closure that prevented us from fully getting a season going. This past week (March -14-16) the Tigers finally got to have its first taste team golf competition at the 2023 ACAMIS Golf competition. Our young Tiger's that were able to represent us this tournament did a good job and most importantly had a great time together. Coaches saw teammates bonding and helping each other get better, which for us was most important. The team saw new leadership blossom from Grade 10 Amanda Z, who finished in the top 5 in the U19 tournament. 

The Tiger's started the first day a little off and found some struggles on the greens. This could have continued to frustrate them and affect their round 2 scores but the Tigers rallied and played better the second day. Coaches are very proud of their strength to bounce back and play better. The team atmosphere was great to see and some thing we want to continue for these athletes who normally train by themselves in this individual sport. 

This is just the beginning of the program again, and we look forward to seeing more WAB students represent our team in future events and tournaments! 


Amanda Z, Wendy Z, Jarvis X, Jaxson F, Jerry X

TIGERS out of the WOODS!

-Coaches Ms Sun, Caleb