Model United Nations at WAB - Student Article

Hi, my name is Cheyanne.

I would like to share with you my experience with Model United Nations (MUN). It has been an exciting part of my life for the last five years. But when one thinks about the club MUN, they may think that it is a strenuous academic club that is dull and uninteresting. I once had a friend tell me that it was in fact only for “nerds,” but that was most definitely not the case. Frankly, I joined the club as a frightened middle schooler unsure of what to expect as well. However, MUN has truly shaped the person who I am today and has bestowed upon me many great and memorable experiences through the club meetings and conferences.


MUN, short for Model United Nation, is a club in which students prepare for MUN conferences, where they are able to represent delegations of various countries in mimic committees, with procedures similar to the United Nations. MUN conferences are simulations of real-life United Nations conferences, where delegates propose resolutions for ongoing world issues.


The purpose of MUN is to allow students to be aware of problems occurring in various regions of the world and provide a platform for students to craft meaningful solutions for these problems. In terms of personal growth, participants of MUN also become more accustomed to think quickly on the spot and make impromptu speeches to a large audience (i.e., public speaking). Furthermore, it can be beneficial for one’s teamwork abilities, critical thinking skills, and leadership skills.


Students interested in MUN conferences are encouraged to participate in the WAB MUN club beforehand to understand the rules and procedures of the conferences. WAB MUN club meetings are also an excellent place to practice one’s public speaking skills and to hold discussions about relevant global events.


During MUN conferences, delegates are asked to share and combine their ideas with other delegates to craft a strong and cohesive resolution that is equipped to solve or alleviate a specific problem. Once their resolution is drafted, it is then presented to the whole committee of delegates where it is debated on and further tweaked. If the resolution is approved by the majority of the committee, it passes.


The beauty of MUN is that the youth is exposed to ongoing problems occurring around the world and proposes their own solutions to global problems. Another highlight of MUN conferences is the inside jokes that you suddenly have with a group of bright and like-minded students from various backgrounds and schools. There is never a boring MUN conference; debates often have an interesting twist that leaves a memorable impact.


Everyone has their own opinions and perception of the term “fun,” and not everyone may enjoy MUN. However, MUN and MUN conferences provide a platform where students can share their opinions and solutions for issues at hand with no dire consequences. Although MUN may seem like a serious, academic extra-curricular activity, there are still comedic and amusing instances in both club meetings and conferences.


Personally, I find it incredibly fun and enjoyable. I have participated in MUN for almost five years, and I have noticed a drastic improvement in my confidence and public speaking skills. These skills have been extremely useful in every aspect of my life, and I am quite thankful for the experiences that MUN has given me. Everyone is welcome to join and discuss their ideas! Please join us to exchange ideas in a friendly environment. You will gain knowledge, confidence, and – most importantly – an unforgettable and eye-opening experience.






Cheyanne O, G 10