JV 2 Boys Volleyball

It's about the journey, the growth, the spirit that keeps us going, and the incredible fun we have along the way. 

"We practice a lot, but it’s always fun and it helps us get better as a team." 

"It’s nice when we win, but we can’t win all the time and we need to learn from our mistakes." 

Our volleyball journey of skill development and personal growth has been marked by joy, laughter, and valuable life lessons. We celebrate not just the victories but also the remarkable journey that is volleyball.  

"We have a fun team. Everyone gets along well." 

"Each game is a new chance to show how good we can be." 

As we look ahead, we're excited about the progress we'll continue to make, both on and off the court, all while having good fun. The future is bright for our volleyball players who have found that the joy of the game is just as important as the score on the board. 


-Coaches Dejean, Zhang Di