Facility Bookings

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WAB welcomes you to become part of our extended community and offers the use of our facilities for all to enjoy.

If you are an outside group wishing to conduct your own program and renting the facilities at WAB please see the rental policies and procedures section.

In order to organize the use of all our facilities and ensure the safety of the community, the following measures have been implemented for any facility use outside classroom hours.


  • Please check with the WABX office for available booking times.
  • Please continue to carry your ID badges with you for identification.
  • For any organized events (parties, classes, practices, and or games), you must book with and gain approval of the WABX Office at least 1 week in advance of your activity. Failure to do so may result in the cancelation of your activity.
  • When on campus, and in any of the facilities, you are responsible to show your visitor badge to our security team. If you do not have a badge you may need to show another form of ID and the organizer must be present to meet with security.

Tiger L'Air Bookings:

Community bookings should be made in advance using the form below, and will incur a fee. Community members are also welcome to "drop-in" to play on courts outside of school usage times on courts that have not been booked (at no cost). People will be able to register in the Entrance Foyer of Tiger L’Air for a time slot for that day on any court that has not been reserved in advance. Please note that commercial activities taking place such as paid tennis lessons require advanced bookings.

Thank you for your cooperation in making our school a safe environment for our community. For information about our facilities and/or our booking procedures feel free to contact the WABX office.

Phone: 5986 5588 ext. 1903/4/5
Email: Caleb Liu at caliu@wab.edu
Mobile: 15010178644

For further questions, please contact caliu@wab.edu.