Parent Expectations


  • Encourage students to participate, but do not force or apply pressure.
  • Attend games whenever possible and support your team through good sportsmanship and positive cheering – athletes learn best through positive example. By demonstrating appreciation for good performance, you can positively affect play.
  • Praise positive skill development and improvement in individual and team play.
  • Avoid criticism or ridicule of players, coaches or referees – remember that everyone is attempting to be the best they can be! Mistakes are never made on purpose.
  • Demonstrate appreciation for the volunteer efforts of coaches, officials and organizers – without them we could not provide a program.


Parents of all WAB students involved in the High School Athletics and APAC Arts programs are required to take responsibility for at least one home stay during the course of the year. A home-stay commitment is required for a student to participate in either an APAC or ACAMIS arts festival or a sports tournament. At times, it may be necessary to ask students to host visiting students for sports or activities in which they are not participating. If for some reason a student’s family is unable to offer a home-stay, it is the responsibility of the parents to arrange an alternative host family.

The major obligations of home-stay families are outlined below:

  • Provide a sleeping arrangement for visiting students. While beds are preferred, cots, mattresses, sleeping bags and sleeping mats are acceptable.
  • Depending on room size, students can sleep two or more in a room. In fact, APAC has a strong preference that students be housed together as this proves less stressful for students, host families and the families who are sending their children on these trips.
  • Ensure WAB students and visiting students observe curfews (10:00pm). Hosting families are asked to abide strictly by these curfews.
  • APAC requires at least one host parent needs to be home for curfew calls, as this is the best way to ensure the safety of our students.
  • Assist visiting athletes to arrive at WAB at the times designated by their coaches and administrators. Limited WAB bus services will be made available where practical
  • Provide visiting athletes with daily breakfast and one or two evening meals. The students appreciate simple, healthy meals.
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