Guidelines for Air Pollution


APAC (Tri-Cities, China Cup, JPAC and traveling invitational tournaments)

1. APAC Guidelines on cancellation of outdoor events due to air pollution.

  • Staging of outdoor activities will depend upon air quality, as measured by the U.S. Air Quality Index AQI or its equivalent. Index as follows:
    • Level 1 (1-200 AQI): No modification necessary.
    • Level 2 (201-250 AQI): The host Activities Director has the authority to modify or suspend activities.
    • Level 3 (251-500 AQI): The activity should be suspended and AQI monitored. The activity can resume once the AQI drops below 300.

2. Measurements are taken within an hour of game time.

3. Track and Field may be modified throughout the day.

4. Local government regulations in relation to AQI readings supersede APAC School decision.


ACAMIS tournaments will modify tournament times/formats in response to an AQI reading of over 200, with tournament stoppage or delay to occur at over 300 (based on best available data - indoor or outdoor). The host Head of School is designated to officially cancel a tournament based on ACAMIS guidelines.


ISAC recognizes that while many schools have varying approaches and rules pertaining to AQI, it is left to the host school and event director to determine whether an outdoor event can go ahead - based on the following ISAC agreements:

  • An ISAC outdoor sports tournament should not begin if the AQI is 201 or above - with a notification at 6:15am from the event coordinators expected from participating schools.
  • Any ISAC sports tournament that begins must be ended when the AQI (if able to be measured) moves to 226 or above during the event.
  • Final results of a shortened tournament should be determined by the host tournament director, after consultation with participating coaches.
  • Individual schools will work through decision-making for league matches.
  • This policy to be reviewed at the annual spring AGM, on a yearly basis.
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