About WABX

WABX is the Western Academy of Beijing's co-curricular activities program. If it happens outside the classroom, it's a WABX activity.

In any given year, WABX offers more than 300 club, language and service options, over 100 sporting options, and also helps to organize trips abroad. WABX serves as a facilitator for the many sports tournaments, arts festivals and special events, which help to make WAB such a stimulating and vibrant environment.

Martin Halpin
Martin Halpin, Athletics and Activities Director

WABX: Athletics and Activities

WABX provides extensive enrichment activities to students to explore and extend areas of interest. The program also focuses on the social needs of expatriate youth in Beijing and endeavors to provide a range of interesting activities that promote active lifestyle choices and provide opportunities for social interaction, leadership and community involvement.

The WABX program provides age appropriate opportunities, expectations and challenges for students to develop their potential in a wide range of endeavors. These include sports, arts, intellectual challenges, interest clubs and an extensive variety of community focused groups. WABX also features weekend social events, adventure activities and vacation programs. Activities are offered as a series of programs and events throughout the year – before school, lunchtime, after school, evenings, weekends and vacations.

WAB has an extensive exchange program with other international schools located locally, within China, and beyond. WAB enjoys full membership of ISAC, ACAMIS and APAC international schools activities conferences.

WAB encourages students to take advantage of the opportunities available to them within the WABX activities programs.

It has been proven that students who are involved in activities beyond the classroom display considerable improvement in academic achievement.

With so many different activities on offer at WAB, we advise students to be mindful of their time management when selecting activities to ensure that they meet their academic commitments responsibly.

The Western Academy of Beijing recognizes that individual students bring differing qualities to the school, as do our staff and focus groups within our Beijing community and beyond. For this reason, the activities programs on offer at WAB are always evolving. If you have an idea for a new activity, or would like to offer your skills or an activity to the program, please contact the WABX Activities Office.